Compensation claims for failure to refer for further testing

Whenever you are administered to hospital for any kind of procedure then the last thing you will want is for there to be any delays, but sometimes it is in your best interest to delay and refer for further testing to evaluate the full extent of your injury. It is at your doctor’s discretion whether […]

Claims for errors made during natural birth

A natural birth can be one of the most amazing and satisfying experiences in the life of any individual and it’s a time where you really get to experience the feeling of having a family – but as such it’s crucial that when it comes down to the birthing procedure, everything goes to plan. Unfortunately, […]

Claims for damage to surrounding organs during surgery

Although it’s something that many people have to go through at some stage in their life, surgery can be one of the most dangerous and often scariest parts of any person’s life. Having surgery is never something that is enjoyed by many people, and if you do find yourself in a situation where you have […]

Medical Negligence claims against an unqualified Dental Assistant

Avoiding the dentists is a hobby for many people, and some patients will only go when they have no other choice. With fully trained professionals located across the country, no one expects to be the victim of medical negligence during their visit and treatment. There are cases where this does happen and sometimes because an […]

Medical Negligence claims against an unqualified Dental Hygienist

Few people enjoy visiting the dentist, but it is important to do so. As such, most people will want their appointment and experiences to be as short and as painless as possible. With excellent training, this is often the case but there are times when an unqualified professional will be involved in your treatment and […]

Medical Negligence claims against an unqualified Pharmacist

Pharmacies provide a valuable and much needed service for everyone – they can provide medication for a range of issues that might not be serious enough to see a doctor or GP, but they can also provide prescription medication when required by professionals. All pharmacists should be fully qualified before they can provide these services […]

Compensation for cerebral palsy

Whether you are born with it, or develop it as the result of an accident, cerebral palsy has the ability to heavily affect a person’s life in a physical manner. Cerebral palsy is the blanket term used to describe a condition which prevents a person from performing normal physical tasks, usually as a result of […]

Medical Compensation For You

Have you recently been the victim of medical negligence that was no fault of your own? Have you recently been left suffering or financially crippled as the result of a mistake in a hospital, surgery, or any other medical environment that should never have happened? Dealing with medical compensation claims is never easy, but if […]

Compensation claims for a failure to treat generalised anxiety disorders

The majority of us suffer from some form of anxiety in our lives – whenever we are in a situation that could be considered stressful, such as a job interview or a date, then it’s normal to feel pressure because you are trying to succeed. This usually disappears after a while and you can relax […]

Compensation claims for a failure to treat narcolepsy

We all get a little tired now and again and having sleeping can often be the best remedy, but for some people they have no control over this and can fall asleep at inappropriate times. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder where a person suddenly falls asleep and it is caused by a long-term neurological condition […]

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