Care home abuse

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Care homes are an area for people who may need additional care and guidance which is not currently available in their everyday lives. In this environment they are usually placed with a team of supervisors who can help to ensure that they receive the treatment and attention that they need to continue to lead successful and fulfilling lives. There are also carers on hand to ensure that the correct medical attention can be given if the situation arises.

Unfortunately in some situations this authority is abused and there can be cases of abuse towards care home residents. This abuse can take many forms including verbal, mental and sexual abuse and can involve a range of activities from simply verbally abusing or degrading an individual right through to physically harming them. If you, or someone you know has been subjected to this type of abuse then you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.


When it comes to making a compensation claim for care home abuse, you can make a claim against either the establishment or an individual staff member. If you feel that you have been abused by a number of staff or that your abuse runs through practices which are driven by the establishment then your compensation claim could take this broader path. In contrast, if you feel that your abuse has been dealt by just one individual then you could make a personal claim against them.


When it comes to care home abuse there are a number of situations that you could make a claim for and some of these include:

  • Inappropriate dispensation of medication
  • Mental/emotional abuse by staff or other residents
  • Isolation and abandonment of residents – leaving them out of activities
  • Ridiculing or humiliating residents
  • Physical abuse including hitting, shaking or slapping residents
  • Sexual abuse in any form.


When it comes to care home abuse claims there are a number of injuries that you could claim for these include:

  • Physical injuries – if you are physically assaulted by any member of staff or even another resident then you can make a claim for compensation to cover the costs of treatments to any injuries that you may have received
  • Emotional injuries – if you are mentally or emotionally abused during your stay in a care home then you could be eligible to make a claim
  • On–going injuries – if you are subjected to on–going mental or physical injuries as a result of your time spent in a care home. This could include any further complications you could suffer as the result of poor medical dispensation.


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