Abdominoplasty surgical procedure

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When it comes to removing fat from the body one of the most stubborn areas tends to be around the abdomen. Whether it is from gaining a little extra weight or childbirth, women in particular tend to store fat around this area and in many cases find it very hard to move, regardless of how much time they might spend at the local gym.

Abdominoplasty is a popular surgical technique with people who are looking to shift this fat and it works in a very similar way to liposuction, by surgically removing the layer of fat above the abdomen. As with any type of surgery this can be incredibly dangerous if not performed correctly and if you receive injuries as the result of poor surgery then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation.


The abdominoplasty technique is quite complex and is often made increasingly difficult by the fact that it is performed in such a delicate area of the body, where any potential mistakes could be costly. The technique involves making several small incisions into the abdominal area and tightening the muscles on the wall of the abdomen. Once the muscles have been drawn together liposuction is often used to remove any excess fat which may be left over.

Once the actual fat has been removed and the muscles have been tightened, any excess skin is cut away and the remaining skin is stretched tightly over the stomach area to give a very smooth and youthful look to the skin.


One of the most dangerous elements of abdominoplastys is the area in which they are performed and as a result negligence can lead to some serious injuries including:

  • Excessive bleeding which could lead to blood clots
  • Excess build–up of tissue fluid
  • Scarring and/or skin deformation
  • Damage to the belly button/umbilical area


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