Claims for injuries sustained from poor hospital food

Unless you are giving birth or visiting a friend then chances are hospital isn’t a place that you want to be and if you have ended up here you are likely recovering from an injury or illness which could be causing you a great deal of pain. During your stay in hospital you will be provided with adequate sustenance – in the form of hospital food – to ensure that you have an adequate recovery and that your energy levels stay up.

If you have been staying in hospital and you have received poor hospital food which has only hindered your injury or illness, then you could look to make a claim to cover any costs that you have incurred as a result.

What should I expect in terms of hospital food?

In terms of hospital food you should expect to be given food which is safe to eat as well as healthy and which is designed to allow you to heal quickly and keep your energy levels up. The food should be prepared in accordance with health and safety standards and it should be served to the highest levels of hygiene – bearing in mind that you will likely already be ill and therefore not need any additional problems from food which hasn’t been appropriately prepared.

In which situations might I look to make a claim?

You could look to make a compensation claim in any situation where you feel you have been the victim. Some common examples here of where you might claim include:

·         Claims for food poisoning in a hospital

·         Claims for hospital food which has not been adequately prepared

·         Claims for hospital food which has not been adequately stored

·         Claims for hospital food which has been prepared in a unhygienic environment

·         Claims for illnesses sustained from poor quality hospital food.

Can I look to work with Medical Compensation 4U on my claim?

If you have been the victim in any situation then you could look to work with Medical Compensation 4U on any claims that you have made. To find out more about how you can work in this environment, give the team at Medical Compensation 4U a call today!