Claims for long-term injuries sustained during physiotherapy

If you have recently suffered as the result of an injury then chances are physiotherapy is one form of treatment that you have been given. Physiotherapy is designed to get your muscles, ligaments and bones back working in the way that they should be and with a mixture of physical therapy and advice it will hopefully put you back on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately situations of negligence can occur while you are undergoing physiotherapy and in turn they can have a direct impact on your lifestyle. If you find that you have been a victim of negligent physiotherapy and as a result you have been left with a long-term injury, you could consider a claim for compensation.

How does physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapy is designed to work with your body to aid natural repair of tissues, ligaments and muscles in addition to ensuring that they heal in an appropriate manner. It’s a combination of physical massage and advice which can help to get your body working in the way it was meant to. In addition, physiotherapy can help to improve joint mobility and encourage your muscles to heal through physical therapy.

In which circumstances could I look to make a claim for compensation?

If you are considering a compensation claim then there are a number of circumstances where you could look for this to happen. These situations include:

·         Claims for a physical injury sustained

·         Claims for an inappropriate rehabilitation plan

·         Claims for mistakes made during physical therapy

·         Claims for prescription of the wrong exercises

·         Claims for mistakes made during a diagnosis.

Can I work with Medical Compensation 4U on my claim?

If you are looking to make a compensation claim then the team at Medical Compensation 4U can work with you throughout the process. If you are looking for more assistance or to find out more about what you could be eligible to claim, then the team could be on hand to provide you with just the help and support that you are looking for.

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