Claims for medical negligence in Audley

Medical negligence is something that shouldn’t be dismissed, because if you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of this then you could be left with life-changing injuries as a result. We put a lot of faith into our doctors and other such medical professionals, while on the whole the standard of healthcare in the UK is some of the best around, but sometimes mistakes can happen and you could be left to suffer as a result. It’s never easy when you are confronted with a situation such as this as it can be very traumatic, but if your health has been put at risk then you may want to consider making a claim for compensation.

Making a claim can be a difficult process so if you are unsure of what to do you may be interested in seeking out professional help, as they could be able to give you a fair chance at success. So if you live in the Audley area and you believe you have been a victim of medical negligence, then making a claim could be in your best interests.

Where could you look to claim?

There are a number of instances where you might become a victim of medical negligence in Audley, with some common examples including:

·         Claims if you are supplied the wrong medication

·         Claims against a failure to warn of risks in treatment

·         Claims if your condition becomes terminal

·         Claims if you develop further symptoms as a result of medical negligence

·         Claims against an allergic reaction to medication.

Who might I look to claim against?

If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence and you have been left to suffer as a result, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. In instances such as this, there are a number of people to take into consideration when it comes to making a claim, whether it’s against the doctor or surgeon who treated you, or even a nurse or another member of staff whose actions placed your health at risk. Medical negligence is a very serious issue that could leave you both mentally and physically traumatised, with some cases even leaving permanent effects on your health – so if this has affected you then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

What could I claim for?

·         Pain and traumaif you have experienced pain or trauma as a result of medical negligence then making a claim could be the best solution for you


·         Medical expensesit can be quite expensive undergoing a medical procedure, but if you believe you have suffered from medical negligence and shouldn’t have to pay, then you might want to consider making a claim


·         Loss of income you may be forced off work as a result of medical negligence, meaning that you could lose a portion of your income – making a claim for compensation could help you reclaim those losses