Claims for medical negligence in Bridport

When you undergo a medical procedure, you want to have the assurances that everything is being handled by professionals so you can be at ease. So when a mistake does happen it can be a very traumatic experience for the person involved, leaving you with life-altering changes and a lot of pain. If you are unfortunate enough to become the victim of medical negligence, then you could be left out of pocket financially and in a fragile state, but if it does happen to you then you shouldn’t have to suffer.

If you have ever felt that you have been the victim of medical negligence in Bridport, then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation, with all fees going straight to you and help you to potentially cover any medical costs.

Where could medical negligence occur in Bridport?

If you believe that you have suffered as a result of medical negligence in Bridport, then you might look to make a compensation claim, with some common examples including:

·         Claims for injuries sustained in rehabilitation

·         Claims for incorrect medication supplied

·         Claims against surgeon or surgical assistant

·         Claims against a dental practitioner

·         Surgical mistakes made during an operation

Who could be responsible for my claim?

In general, compensation claims against medical negligence would usually be against a medical professional who would have put your health at risk as a result of their negligence. A claim could be taken out against a doctor, nurse, dentist or any other professional who you believe are not performing at the best of their abilities. Mistakes do happen, but you shouldn’t have to suffer for somebody else’s error, which is why a compensation claim could help you.

In which situation could a claim be made?

·         Loss of income  – if you have been left out of pocket as a result of medical negligence, then you could look into the possibility of making a claim to recover any losses you may have sustained


·         Medical feesif you believe you have undergone unnecessary treatment as a result of medical negligence, then you could look to make a compensation claim to recuperate the fee


·         Pain and traumanegligence of a medical nature could leave you in a lot of pain and trauma, so if you have suffered in this way then you could look to make a claim