Claims for medical negligence in Callington

If you have ever been in the unfortunate position of having suffered from medical negligence, then you will know that it can be a very serious, life-altering experience. It is important to remember that doctors are there to help you on the road to recovery, so when we suffer as a result of their carelessness it can be quite traumatic. As well as the health risks, it can also pose a threat to your finances as it can end up costing you a fortune in medical bills.

Medical negligence is not common in Callington, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen, so if you find yourself in this situation then it’s important to know what actions are available. This can be a very sensitive process, but if you feel you have been the victim in any way then you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

What are some common examples of medical negligence in Callington?

Medical negligence can occur in a number of situations in Callington, which can leave you in a lot of pain. Some examples of these include:

·         Claims against unhygienic equipment used in surgery

·         Compensation for failing to follow dental procedure

·         Surgical mistakes made during the preparation process

·         Compensation for failure to give preventative advice

·         Claims against incorrect medication supplied.

Who could be at fault for my injuries?

If you feel that you have been the victim of medical negligence then there are a number of people who you might consider making a compensation claim against, with healthcare professionals being at the top of your list. This can include anyone from dentists, doctors, nurses and physicians whose job it is to ensure your safety while in their care, and if you don’t feel this has been the case then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation against them.

What are some common examples of claims I could make?

·         Pain and suffering you may have been through a great deal of suffering and trauma as a result of your accident, and accordingly you could consider a compensation claim.


·         Medical fees dealing with hospital bills and fees can be a costly experience, if you find that this has affected you then you could be entitled to compensation


·         Loss of earningsa loss of income could leave you substantially out of pocket, and if you do find yourself in this situation then you may consider making a claim to recoup the losses.