Claims for medical negligence in Ely

With such an excellent healthcare system, it rarely crosses our minds that we might be subject to neglect while in the care of others. The UK has fully trained professionals who undergo constant training after years of studying to ensure we are looked after and all treatments have positive results. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some people suffer from neglect from these professionals. In these cases, making a claim for medical negligence is important to account for any suffering and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence in Ely, you should seek out a specialist legal service to find out if your claim has a chance of success. This can have a positive impact on your life that will help you recover from the trauma of the whole ordeal.

What is classed as medical negligence in Ely?

Medical negligence covers a range of situations and actions that can have an adverse effect on your health. This can make it hard to be sure if you have been the victim of neglect or not. If you have been, or are in, this situation, speak to a specialist legal service now to see if you can make a claim. Examples of medical neglect include:

·         Misdiagnosis of a condition or injury

·         Untrained professionals performing a procedure

·         Incorrect dosage and treatment prescribed

·         Unclean equipment being used

·         Mistakes during a surgical procedure

Who is at fault in these situations?

Claims made for medical negligence are aimed at the professional who was involved in your treatment and responsible for the negligence you received, whether it is a doctor, nurse or any other healthcare staff. Choosing the right legal support can ensure that your claim has the best chance of success if it reaches a court of law, where you must be able to prove the professional you are bringing a claim against was responsible for the negligence and that there has been a large impact on your life because of it.

What can my claim cover?

·         Pain and suffering – If you have been in pain and suffering due to medical neglect, it can be hard to recover, especially psychologically. A successful medical negligence claim can go a long way to helping the recovery process.


·         Medical fees – Covering the medical fees is not always easy – especially as they can be expensive. Paying for treatments due to neglect, or to recover after suffering neglect can add further costs that a successful claim can help you cover.


·         Loss of earnings – A reduced working capacity will show up in your earnings, and if this is due to neglect, it can be difficult to cope. A successful claim can help recover some of these losses.