Claims for Medical Negligence in Fort William

When it comes to the standard of healthcare here in the UK we are among one of the most advanced in Europe, with doctors and nurses trained to work in even the harshest of situations. All of this knowledge and experience means that there is little room for error, but sadly this isn’t always the case and mistakes can sometimes happen. Being a victim of medical negligence can be a very painful and traumatic event that can affect your life for a long time to come, but you needn’t have to suffer the consequences in silence which is why making a claim could be the best option to you.

What instances could I look to claim?

If you have been left to suffer as a result of medical negligence then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Here are some examples of where you may be eligible:

  • Claims against an untrained member of staff
  • Claims if your injury has not been treated
  • Claims against a failure to warn of risks in treatment
  • Claims if you are supplied the wrong medication
  • Claims if your surgery has been delayed or referred without your consent.

Who might I look to claim against?

In general, if you have suffered as a result of medical negligence then you could look to make a claim against anyone whose actions have place your health at risk. This could include a number of people, ranging from doctors and nurses to surgeons and psychologists, but for you to stand any chance of success in court it is important that you are able to prove your accusations. Medical negligence is a very serious issue and it has been accredited to numerous physical and mental health issues for people as they struggle to cope with the affects, so if you are unfortunate enough to be in this position then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

What could I claim for?

  • Loss of earnings if you have been forced to miss out on work and haven’t received an income as a result of medical negligence, then making a claim could be the best means of recovering any losses you have incurred
  • Medical fees one of the biggest expenses you could encounter as a result of medical negligence comes in the form of medical fees, which can eat into a large proportion of your expenditure. A successful claim would see these funds returned in full amount
  • Pain and suffering if you have had to endure the pain and trauma which is associated with medical negligence, then making a claim could be the best option for you so you can get back to normalcy.