Claims for medical negligence in Kettering

When seeking advice or treatment on our health, it’s natural to think that nothing will go wrong and that we will benefit because of it. With fully trained professionals and an excellent system recognised outside of the country, the UK’s healthcare system is one of the best. Unfortunately, there are instances where mistakes do happen, and suffering due to neglect is not something anyone should have to suffer from.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence, keeping quiet is one of the worst things you can do. Not only will this allow the same thing to happen to other people but you could be entitled to compensation that will help you recover and deal with the problems that have been caused by such neglect.

Some examples of medical negligence in Kettering

Medical negligence can occur in a range of settings and situations. It is important to know what can be classed as medical negligence so that if you are entitled to make a claim, you’ll be able to act quickly. Some examples are:

·         Failure to diagnosis conditions and injuries

·         Unclean equipment used during treatments

·         Incorrect treatments and dosages prescribed

·         Mistakes during surgery

·         Unnecessary treatments

Who is at fault?

When making a claim for medical negligence in Kettering, the focus will be on the professional directly responsible for the act of negligence in your situation. This can be a doctor, nurse, dentist, surgeon or any other individual involved in your care. While we understand these are often high pressured environments, suffering due to negligence is not acceptable but to make a successful claim you need to be able to prove in a court of law that the individual is directly responsible for your situation. The right legal service can draw upon experience and specialist knowledge to help improve the chances of success for any claim.

What might my claim cover?

·         Medical fees – As one of the most expensive costs in the process, a successful claim can recover some of the money spent on treatments to solve problems due to negligence.


·         Pain and suffering – This has one of the biggest impacts on your life, as no one wants to suffer due to the acts of someone else – especially not a healthcare professional .A successful medical negligence claim can put you on the path to recovery.


·         Loss of earnings – You may not be able to work, or can only work in a reduced capacity and in certain roles due to acts of medical negligence. A claim could help you recover these losses and support for a time in the future.