Claims for medical negligence in Paisley

Each year in the UK, thousands of people are admitted to hospital for varying reasons and in the majority of cases they are treated to some of the highest standards of medical care in the Europe. Sadly though, this isn’t always the case and people become injured as a result of medical negligence, leaving them with a lot of pain and trauma as a result. It is important to remember that doctors are there for our benefit and they have a wealth of experience in dealing with medical issues, so when a problem does occur it can be quite a shock for the victim.

That’s why making a claim against a medical professional is such a sensitive area, because they are there for our benefit, but when their negligence results in an injury for us, then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. A claim for compensation could give you the financial support you need throughout this difficult process.

Where in Paisley might medical negligence occur?

Although rare, medical negligence can still occur at any time and when it does you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Some examples of where negligence could occur include:

·         Claims against failure to warn of the risks of treatment

·         Claims against incorrect treatment

·         Claims if your condition has declined as a result of poor medical advice

·         Claims against a negligent surgeon

·         Claims against a delay in treatment.

Who might be at fault in this situation?

In general, if you have been affected by medical negligence then you could look to make a claim against the person who was responsible for your concerns. This would most likely be a doctor, surgeon, dentist or any other medical professional who has put your health at risk by not performing to the best of their abilities. Making a claim can be a difficult process, but it could also be the best way of helping your throughout a difficult situation and getting you back on your feet.

In which situation might you look to make a claim?

·         Medical feesit can be quite expensive receiving hospital treatment, but if you have been injured as a result of negligence then you shouldn’t have to pay – making a claim for compensation could help you recoup any losses


·         Loss of income you could be forced to miss out on work as a result of medical negligence and this could have huge implications for your finances, so making a claim could be your best option


·         Pain and traumaif you have suffered pain and trauma as a result of medical negligence then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation to help you back on your feet