Claims for medical negligence in Stevenage

Making a claim against a medical professional can be quite a sensitive area because no one wants to discredit a doctor, but when they have risked your health through medical negligence then you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. Although staff in the UK are highly trained and have a wealth of experience, mistakes can and do happen and they can be very traumatic for you – not to mention it can affect your finances.

Medical negligence is quite uncommon in Stevenage, but when it does happen it is in your best interest to be prepared and making a claim could really help you throughout the process. If you find that you have been a victim then making a claim could help you to recover any damages lost during the process.

Where might medical negligence occur in Stevenage?

If you have been affected by medical negligence then it could be in your best interest to make a claim for compensation. There are plenty of examples of where this might occur, with some of the more common situations including:

·         Claims for surgical mistakes and errors

·         Claims for a mis-diagnosis or a missed diagnosis

·         Claims for the incorrect recording of information

·         Claims for a failed rehabilitation procedure

·         Claims for incorrect medical action

Who might be at fault in this situation?

Medical negligence is a very serious issue that can cause you a lot of pain and suffering, so making a claim could be very beneficial for you. If your health has been put at risk then there are a number of people who could be at fault for your injuries, including doctors, surgeons, dentists and any other medical professional. On the whole they are highly trained and are there for your benefit, but when your health is put at risk because of their negligence then a claim could help you.

In which situation could a claim be made?

·         Medical expenseshospital fees can often be quite hefty and if you find that you have been a victim of medical negligence then you could look to make a compensation claim to cover these costs


·         Loss of income if you have been left out of pocket as a result of medical negligence then you could make a claim to help you recoup any losses you have incurred


·         Pain and traumamedical negligence can be a very traumatic experience and can have a large impact on your life. Making a claim could be the best option to helping you find your feet.