Claims for medical negligence in Thetford

Whether you are administered into hospital or you are undergoing treatment at the dentist, you like to have that feeling of reassurance you come to expect from medical professionals. The UK is fortunate to have some of the most skilled medical professionals in Europe, but sometimes even they can make mistakes, so when this happens it can be quite traumatic for you, especially because we put so much trust into the system.

Medical negligence isn’t a common occurrence in Colchester, but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t happen – if you have suffered then you could look to seek compensation. Making a claim doesn’t have to be difficult, because if you can prove that you have suffered at the hands of a medical professional, then you could be in line for some compensation.

Where in Thetford might medical negligence occur?

There are a number of potential circumstances where you could fall victim to medical negligence, with some of the more common examples including:

·         Claims against incorrect medication/dosage supplied

·         Claims against unhygienic equipment used during treatment

·         Surgical mistakes made during an operation

·         Claims against a dental practitioner

·         Claims for failure to diagnose an injury/illness

Who might be at fault in this situation?

One of the most traumatic experiences you could encounter is suffering from medical negligence in a hospital, because the pain can be both physical and mental. We put a lot of trust in medical professionals to take care of us, so when they make a mistake through negligence it can have a dramatic effect on your life – that’s why making a claim could be worth your while. There are a number of people this could be taken against, whether it’s a doctor, dentist or anyone else who has put your health at risk.

In which situation could a claim be made?

·         Medical expensesmedical bills can be quite expensive, especially when you shouldn’t have to pay for them in the first place – if you feel that you have received treatment which was unnecessary then a claim could help you


·         Loss of income if you have been injured or left in pain as a result of medical negligence, then there is a chance you may have missed time off work. If so, then a claim could help you recoup any losses you have incurred


·         Pain and traumafor anyone who has suffered from medical negligence they will know that it can be a painful and traumatic experience, so making a claim could help to ease your pain and get you back on your feet