Claims for medical negligence in Torquay

Although medical negligence is not something that the majority of us will have to experience, it is still unfortunately a traumatic and life-changing experience for those who have had to suffer it. If this is the case then the chances are that you will have been left to foot the bill, as well as having to go through the pain of the experience.

If you feel that you have been the victim of medical negligence in a situation that was no fault of your own, then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence as a result. This can be a very sensitive area and may leave you having second thoughts about claiming, but this shouldn’t be the case, if you have been a victim then you could make a compensation claim.

Where might medical negligence occur in Torquay?

If you think you are the victim of medical negligence in Torquay, then you might want to see what some common examples of where this might occur include:

·         Claims against incorrect medication supplied

·         Claims against dental practitioner for poor treatment

·         Claims for mistakes during treatment

·         Claims for poor/incorrect medical advice

·         Surgical mistakes made during the preparation process.

Who could have been responsible for my injuries?

If you are considering making a claim for compensation, then there are number of people who you might look to claim against, but in all likeliness this should be taken up against the person or persons responsible for ensuring your health is safe. This would usually be the healthcare professionals who may have been negligent towards you throughout your treatment, such as GPs, doctors, nurses and anyone else who you feel hasn’t performed their job to your standards.

What situations should I look at for claiming?

·         Pain and traumaif you are suffering from any pain and trauma as a result of medical negligence, then you could be entitled to make a claim. This could have a detrimental effect on the way you live so compensation could be the best answer


·         Medical fees this can be a costly process, which can leave you out of pocket and feeling a little bit worse for wear so you could think about the possibility of seeking compensation


·         Loss of earningsnegligence can be damaging for both your health and your finances, often leaving you out of pocket from the loss of income. If so, then your best option may be to claim and recoup what you have lost.