Claims for medical negligence in Yeovil

Medical negligence is not a common occurrence, so when it does happen it can be quite a traumatic experience and potentially have very serious impact on your life. Dealing with medical negligence is tough because of the sensitivity that is associated with it; nobody wants to claim against a medical professional, but if you have suffered as a result of their negligence then a compensation claim could be your only option.

Although medical negligence doesn’t occur a lot in Yeovil, you shouldn’t have to suffer when it does happen, so if you believe that you have been a victim in this situation then it’s useful to know what steps to take. A compensation claim could be very beneficial to you and help support you with any costs that occur as a result.

Where in Yeovil could medical negligence occur?

There are a number of potential situations in Yeovil where you could find that you have suffered from medical negligence, some common examples of where these might occur include:

·         Claims against incorrect medication / dosage

·         Claims against surgeon or surgical assistant

·         Claims against a dental practitioner

·         Surgical errors made during an operation

·         Claims for injuries sustained in rehabilitation

Who could be to blame for my injury?

In general, compensation claims for medical negligence would usually be made against any medical professional who you believe has not performed to their duties, and as a result put your health at risk. This would usually involve a GP, doctor, dentist or any other medical professional who could have been negligent towards you. It is true that mistakes do happen, but you shouldn’t have to suffer for in silence, which is why a claim could help you.

In which situation could a claim be made?

·         Loss of income  – if you have been left out of pocket as a result of medical negligence, then you could look into the possibility of making a claim to recover any losses you may have sustained


·         Medical feesa claim can be made to help you recover any medical fees you may have had to pay for as a result of medical negligence


·         Pain and traumanegligence of a medical nature could leave you in a lot of pain and trauma, so if you have suffered in this way then you could look to make a claim