Claims for negligent rehabilitation after plastic surgery

If you have been through plastic surgery then chances are that you will understand how important a good recovery is to minimise the impact that this type of surgery can have on your body, and also to ensure that there is minimal scarring left after the surgery. Plastic surgery is usually elective and designed to improve areas of the body, but if not done correctly it can leave you with long-term injuries that you might therefore have to deal with.

There are certain steps that you need to take after plastic surgery to ensure that you are undergoing the right level of rehabilitation and if you feel that these haven’t been taken or that you have been dealt with in a negligent manner, you could look to make a claim to cover any costs that you have incurred.

What is involved in rehabilitation after plastic surgery?

Once you have completed plastic surgery there are a number of steps in the rehabilitation process that you need to undertake, the first of these will be in ensuring that you know what you can and can’t do immediately after surgery. This could include restricted movements and not doing too much physical activity. It could include physical therapy on a certain area of the body or perhaps a specific rehabilitation treatment to meet your surgery.

Where might I look to make a compensation claim?

In general you can make a claim for compensation in any situation where you feel you have been the victim, some common examples of where you might look to make a claim include:

·         Claims for mistakes made during rehabilitation

·         Claims for a failure to prescribe the appropriate medications

·         Claims for the negligence of a medical practitioner

·         Claims for an incorrect prescription

·         Claims for injuries sustained during physical therapy.

Can I work with Medical Compensation 4U throughout the claims process?

If you are struggling throughout the claims process then the team at Medical Compensation 4U can provide just what you are looking for. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you receive every penny that you are entitled to – and that it’s put straight back into your pocket.

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