Compensation claims for a failure to diagnose a physical illness

If you have ever suffered from an illness or injury then one of the most important elements is that you deal with them quickly and effectively to ensure the condition doesn’t deteriorate. This helps to ensure that any symptoms don’t spread or worsen as a result of a delay in treatment, because of the symptoms are not diagnosed you could be left in a worse condition and in some cases you could potentially face life-threatening situations.

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made through negligence and this can lead you to suffer even further than what you have already experienced. If you believe you have suffered as a result of this, then you could be entitled to make a claim to help you with any losses and health issues you have developed.

Who could I make a claim against?

If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence and you have been left with further injuries or medical problems, then you could be eligible to make a compensation claim to recuperate any losses you have incurred. There are a number of people who you could make a claim against, with the most likely candidate being the doctor who failed to diagnose your problem. A physical illness that goes unmissed can be very dangerous for your health and if you believe that you haven’t received the best possible help available, then you could look to seek compensation as a result. However, in order to make your claim successful you have to prove that a person has been negligent towards you.

In which circumstance might a claim be able made?

If you believe that your physical illness has not been diagnosed and you have suffered as a result of this, then you could be entitled to make a claim. Some common examples could include:

  • Negligence on behalf of a doctor
  • Claims against an under-qualified doctor
  • Claims for failure to diagnose a physical illness
  • Claims if your condition has worsened as a result of poor treatment
  • Claims against incorrect prescription of medication

How can I get Medical Compensation 4U to help with my claim?

If you believe that you have suffered from medical negligence and you feel that there is a claim to be made, then will need to be fully prepared for the process – that’s where the team at Medical Compensation 4U can help, as they will work alongside you every step of the way, ensuring that any compensation you are entitled to will go straight into your pocket. So what are you waiting for? For more information about how Medical Compensation 4U can help out, simply get in touch with one of our highly trained team members today and see how they can help you.