Compensation claims for injuries sustained during physiotherapy

If you have ever had the displeasure of sustaining a physical injury, then one of the biggest and most important aspects of your rehabilitation process is physiotherapy – this plays a crucial role in ensuring that you heal in the correct manner, while nursing your joints, muscles and ligaments back to health. In order for you to receive the full benefits of this treatment, then a mixture of good physical therapy and advice is important, so when this is not provided then you could end up sustaining a serious injury. In the circumstances where an injury is sustained through poor treatment, then you could be entitled to make a claim to help you recover any financial and health losses.

Who could I be eligible to make a claim against?

In general, if you have sustained injuries as a result of poor physiotherapy, then you could be eligible to make a claim against the therapist who was present at the time of your injury. Regardless of the situation, it is their responsibility to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment that they can offer while in their practice and if this hasn’t happened then you shouldn’t be left suffering as a result.

In which situations might you look to claim against a negligent physiotherapist?

Although physiotherapy is a very useful way of helping you recover from injury, it can also lead to a number of problems as a result of medical negligence. Some common examples of where you could sustain injuries include:

  • Claims against an unqualified physiotherapist
  • Claims against a negligent physiotherapist
  • Claims for mistakes made during treatment
  • Claims for a failed treatment plan
  • Claims for injuries sustained during physical therapy
  • Claims for a poor physiotherapy plan

How can I get Medical Compensation 4U to help with my claim?

If you are looking for assistance with your compensation claim, then the team at Medical Compensation 4U will be able to provide you with enough expertise to make a solid case. Working alongside you every step of the way, our team of industry experts can provide you with the guidance and support that you need. We know this can be a very sensitive situation, so we will do our utmost to make sure everything goes smoothly, and that you get exactly what you are entitled to.

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