Compensation claims for otoplasty errors

The ears are one area of the body that many people are unhappy with and whether they are too large or too small, it’s one popular location which tends to be the recipient of surgery in one form or the other. Otoplasty is the name given to any plastic surgery in the ear area and this can include a wide range of techniques which can completely change the shape and size or your ears, or even pin them back if they need to be pinned.

The ear is an incredibly delicate area and due to its location on the body, any surgical mistakes in this area can have a significant impact on the body. If you feel that you have been the victim of failed surgery as the result of an error during otoplasty, you could look to make a compensation claim.

How can problems occur during Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is an incredibly delicate technique, and some common problems which can occur during this procedure include:

·         Mistakes made during the surgical procedure

·         Injuries sustained in the surrounding area

·         Mistakes made during the anaesthetic process

·         Poor surgery which leads to further complications

·         Mistakes made during the rehabilitation process.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is the name given to plastic surgery in and around the ear and this can include a range of techniques such as reduction and enlargement surgery and physical changes to this area of the body. In general, otoplasty is quite a common technique and as such it’s becoming increasingly safe, but unfortunately there are still many risks associated with this type of surgery.

Can I get help with my Otoplasty claim from Medical Compensation 4U?

The team at Medical Compensation 4U are on hand to help you with any compensation claims that you might need to make and our team are industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the entire process, right from day one.

To find out more about how the Medical Compensation 4U team can work with you on your compensation claim, give us a call today!