Compensation for errors made in dental administration

We all know that a visit to the dentist is not something that many people enjoy. In most situations we just hope to be quickly in and out and on our way again, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Sometimes we require dental surgery and operations to correct or change elements of our teeth and jaw which might not be right, and this can leave us in need of medical assistance.

Although in most cases dental administration and records are incredibly accurate and up-to-date, unfortunately this is not always the case and if you do find that you are the victim of faulty dental administration, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim to cover any costs that you have incurred as a result.

What are some common dental administration errors?

A number of errors can occur during dental administration, some common examples of these include:

·         Failure to adequately maintain patient records

·         Recording information on the wrong patient’s records

·         Failure to record information after a patient’s visit

·         Failure to accurately record treatment that has been undertaken

·         Loss or loss of information on a patient’s record.

Who could have been at fault here?

There are a number of people who could have been at fault if you are a victim in this way, but you will generally look towards your dentist or a dental assistant who will have been responsible for this type of maintenance. Another person who may have been responsible in this situation is a dental receptionist whose negligence may have led to your records not being appropriately amended or problems occurring with your records.

Are Medical Compensation 4U able to guide me throughout my claim?

If you feel that you are entitled to make a compensation claim then get in touch with the Medical Compensation 4U team. As a team we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive every penny of compensation that you are entitled to and that it’s put straight back into your pocket. For more information or to find out how you can claim, contact the team today!