Compensation for errors made in hospital administration

Although it is generally medical professionals who are most responsible for any problems which can occur while you are undertaking medical treatment, sometimes they are given the wrong information – or not given the information that they need – to perform a task successfully, and in this situation you could find that it’s actually a hospital administration error which has led to your injuries.

Hospital records are a crucial part of your treatment, and it’s really important that any information about your health and well-being is accurately recorded to allow the doctor to make a fair and accurate assessment before they provide you with any treatment. If this isn’t the case and you feel you are the victim, you could look at making a compensation claim.

What are some common errors that could occur here?

Hospital administration errors are not uncommon, and some common examples of where they could occur include:

·         Mistakes made while noting allergies

·         Mistakes made while recording treatment

·         Mistakes made after mixing up patient records

·         Errors while recording basic patient information

·         Failure to record treatment or medications.

Who might have been responsible for any errors which have occurred?

In general these errors will be made by the administration staff at the hospital and as such these are the people who you may look to make a compensation claim against. If you feel that they haven’t performed their job properly – or that they have been negligent to you – then you could make a claim. In addition you could also claim against your doctor or GP if you feel that they haven’t adequately recorded your information and that you have been left with health issues as a result.

Can I work with the Medical Compensation 4U team on my claim?

If you are looking to make a compensation claim for negligence then you could look to claim directly through the team at Medical Compensation 4U. Our industry experts can work with you throughout your compensation claim, every step of the way, to ensure that you receive every penny of compensation that you are entitled to.