Compensation for errors made in surgical administration

Although surgery may seem like an incredibly important part of your treatment – what many people don’t realise is that in many situations the administration element of any treatment that you may need is equally as important as the surgery itself, and ensuring that the right information is recorded and that any medical history that you have receives the right attention that it needs is just as important as performing the surgery successfully.

In most instances within the medical industry, the utmost attention is given to records to ensure that they remain accurate at all times, but unfortunately errors here are still made. If you find that you have been the victim of an error through no fault of your own, then you could look to make a compensation claim to cover your costs.

What types of surgical administration errors might occur?

A number of surgical administration errors could occur which could leave you in poor medical health. Some common examples of these include:

·         Failure to adequately record patient data

·         Failure to adequately record patient treatment information

·         Failure to adequately record a patient’s medical history

·         Failure to note a change in medical condition

·         Failure by a doctor to record any prescribed medication.

Who might be responsible for these errors?

In general if you suffer from an administration error then you will look to make a claim against the administrator or person who has been responsible for your injuries, this could be a receptionist at the medical centre or just the admin team in general. The fault could also lie with your doctor if you feel that they have failed to accurately record information while they have been treating you.

Can I be guided through my claim by the Medical Compensation 4U team?

The team at Medical Compensation 4U are here to help you throughout the personal injury process – and can guide you through it, every step of the way. Working closely with you, we will work to ensure that you receive every penny that you are entitled to with no fees and charges.

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