Compensation for medical negligence in Birmingham

Although medical negligence is something that is not particularly common across the UK, unfortunately it is something that still happens from time to time, and when it does happen it has the ability to have a major impact on your life.

Our doctors and nurses are highly trained professionals who do a great job the majority of the time, but unfortunately there is still the potential for situations of medical negligence to occur. If you find that you have been the victim in a medical negligence case in Birmingham, then you could look to make a compensation claim to recoup any financial damages that you have incurred.

If I am in Birmingham, where might I look to make a compensation claim?

There are a number of different situations in Birmingham where you may consider making a compensation claim. Some common examples of these include:

·         Claims for surgical mistakes and errors

·         Claims for a mis-diagnosis or a missed diagnosis

·         Claims for the incorrect recording of information

·         Claims for a failed rehabilitation procedure

·         Claims for incorrect medical action.

Who could I consider making a claim against?

In the cases of medical compensation claims, the majority of claims are made against healthcare professionals who may have made a mistake during the course of your treatment. Although these professionals are trained to the highest standards, they do still have the ability to make mistakes and in this situation you could be left with injuries far more substantial than what you have initially dealt with.

What could a compensation claim be made for?

·         Medical costs – hospital fees can often be quite hefty and if you find that you have been a victim of medical negligence then you could look to make a compensation claim to cover these costs

·         Earnings loss – if a lack of work has led to an income loss, then you could look to make a compensation claim to cover any potential costs that you have incurred

·         Suffering and trauma – you may have been through a great deal of trauma and suffering as a result of your injuries, and accordingly you could consider a claim for compensation.