Compensation for medical negligence in Bootle

Although in most cases our GPs and doctors work to the best of their ability to nurse us back to health, unfortunately this is not always the case. Right around the UK there are instances of medical negligence happening regularly – and these situations can leave a person with long-term health issues and significantly out of pocket. If you find yourself in this situation, caused by an example of medical negligence in Bootle, then you may consider a compensation claim to recoup your costs.

What are some common examples of medical negligence claims in Bootle?

There are a number of circumstances in Bootle where you may look to make a compensation claim. Some common examples of where you may have suffered negligence include

·         Negligence which occurred during surgery

·         Negligence which occurred during x-rays and scans

·         Failure to adequately diagnose an injury

·         Incorrectly diagnosing an injury

·         Failure to refer a patient to a specialist for further treatment.

Who could be responsible for these injuries?

Injuries caused by medical negligence could be the fault of a number of different people, but you will most likely look to claim against healthcare professionals if you feel that their negligence has led directly to your injuries. This claim could be made against your GP or doctor if they have failed to identify an illness, your surgeon if you have received injuries during surgery or even administration staff if they have failed to adequately record information which has led to you being given the wrong treatment.

What could I make a compensation claim for?

·         Income loss – if you have been left unable to work and struggling financially after your accident, you could look to make a claim for any income loss that you have sustained

·         Hospital bills – if you are left out of pocket with expensive hospital costs after an extended stay in hospital or rehabilitation, you could consider making a claim

·         Pain and suffering – dealing with an accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience and as such you could be left dealing with a great deal of pain and suffering – and you may look to make a compensation claim.