Compensation for medical negligence in Bournemouth

Dealing with medical negligence is never an easy task and if you are left with bills to pay and without a job at the end of it, then it does have the ability to have a real impact on your life. Although our healthcare professionals are trained to the highest standards, they are only human and at the end of the day, mistakes can be made. Unfortunately for you, these mistakes can have a direct impact on your life.

If you have been the victim of a situation of medical negligence in Bournemouth then you could consider a claim for compensation to cover any potential costs that you have incurred as a result of this.

What are some situations in Bournemouth where I could make a claim?

There are a host of different situations in Bournemouth where you might look to make a compensation claim, some common examples of these include:

·         Claims for mistakes made during a surgical procedure

·         Claims for errors made during the rehabilitation process

·         Claims for injuries caused by a faulty procedure

·         Claims for a failure to adequately record patient information

·         Claims for a failure to adequately diagnose an injury.

Who could be the target of my compensation claim?

If you are considering a compensation claim then you could consider making it against anyone who you feel has been negligent towards you. This could include healthcare professionals who may have showed negligence towards you, in addition to workers within a healthcare environment who might have also contributed towards this.

Can I claim for more than one thing?

·         Medical costs – the cost of dealing with this type of event can be incredible, especially if you need to spend an extended period of time in hospital, and as such you might look to make a claim for compensation

·         Suffering and trauma – if you have been left to go through a great deal of pain and trauma as a result of a medical negligence situation then you could look to make a claim to cover your costs

·         Income loss – a loss of income can leave you suffering financially, and as such you might look to make a compensation claim.