Compensation for medical negligence in Southampton

Although it’s something that we often never expect, medical negligence is unfortunately something that we all tend to be subjected to at one point or another. Doctors, nurses and GPs are all qualified to the highest standards, but unfortunately they are only human and as such mistakes can be made, unfortunately when they are made it can have a direct impact on our quality of life.

If you feel that negligence has led to you becoming a victim of an injury then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Have a chat to the team at Medical Compensation 4U and see how we can help you to make a compensation claim in this instance.

In Southampton, where could I look to make a compensation claim?

Compensation claims can be made in any situation where you feel that you have been the victim of negligence. Some common examples of where this might happen include:

·         Claims for mistakes made during a surgical procedure

·         Claims for errors made during rehabilitation

·         Claims for errors made during hospital administration

·         Claims for errors made during physiotherapy

·         Claims for errors made during dental surgery.

Who could a compensation claim be made against?

You can make a claim against anyone who has been negligent towards you and this could include healthcare professionals, GPs, doctors, nurses and anyone else who is involved in the healthcare industry. This includes anyone who has shown negligence towards you, people who may have failed to take the correct precautions or anyone else who is involved with compensation claims.

What might I look to claim compensation for?

·         Income loss – if you have suffered from a loss of income as a result then you could be eligible to make a claim to cover any potential costs that you have incurred and any potential financial damages that you have been through

·         Pain and suffering – you may have been through a great deal of pain and suffering as a result of your accident and accordingly you could consider a compensation claim to cover your costs

·         Medical expenses – dealing with medical negligence is never cheap and if you find yourself in the position where you are left with a hefty bill then you could look to make a claim for compensation.