Compensation for medical negligence in Sunderland

Although it doesn’t happen on a regular basis, when medical negligence does happen it can have a direct impact on your life and as a result you could be left covering the cost for many years to come. Medical negligence can occur in a whole host of different situations, but regardless of the situations that you have been involved in, if you have been the victim through no fault of your own then you could consider a claim to recover any costs you have incurred.

In Sunderland, medical professionals are trained to the highest standards, but if you feel that despite this you still haven’t been treated in an adequate manner, then you could look to make a claim to cover any additional costs that you have incurred.

Could I be the victim of medical negligence in Sunderland?

Unfortunately there is every possibility that you could be the victim of medical negligence in Sunderland if you feel that you haven’t received the appropriate treatment for your injuries and some common examples of where this might occur include:

·         Claims against a GP who may have been negligent towards you

·         Claims against a dental surgeon who may have been negligent

·         Claims for general surgical errors and mistakes

·         Claims for the negligence of hospital staff

·         Claims for mistakes made during the rehabilitation process.

Who might have been responsible for any injuries that I have sustained?

If you have sustained injuries then there are a number of people who may have been responsible and who you could look to claim against. These people could include any medical staff, GPs or surgeons at the hospital where you received treatment, in addition to anyone else who has been involved with the treatment process and who has been negligent towards you.

Where could I look to claim back compensation?

·         Medical bills and expenses – if you have sustained a number of costs as a result of costly medical bills and expenses then you could look to recover any financial damages that you have incurred

·         Income and earnings loss – you may have suffered significant earnings and income loss as a result of your accident

·         Pain, trauma and suffering – if you have suffered as a result of your medical negligence then you could look to make a claim to recover any costs.