Compensation for medical negligence in Walton

Have you recently been the victim of medical negligence? Although medical negligence is not a common occurrence, sometimes you will find that through no fault of your own you become a victim of a mistake that someone else makes, and in turn it leaves you battling a serious medical injury which you may be finding it difficult to overcome.

Although it’s never easy when you are confronted with this type of situation, you shouldn’t suffer in silence if it has been caused through no fault of your own and if you do find yourself the victim and suffering as a result, then you could look to make a claim to cover any potential costs that you have incurred as a result of this.

In which circumstances could you look to make a compensation claim?

You can consider a compensation claim in any situation where you feel that you have been the victim of an accident. Some common examples of this include:

·         Claims for mistakes that have been made during surgery

·         Claims for medical errors made by a GP

·         Claims for errors which have been made by a specialist

·         Claims for the negligence of a hospital worker

·         Claims for a failure to adequately take x-rays or scans.

Who might you make a claim against?

You could look to claim against anyone who you feel has been responsible for your negligence and this could include claiming against a GP or doctor, a surgeon or even another member of staff who you may feel has failed in their duty of care towards you and left you suffering as a result.

What are some common examples of situations where you could make a claim?

·         Trauma and suffering – if you have been left dealing with trauma then you could claim to cover any costs that you have incurred as a result

·         Medical expenses – dealing with bills and fees can be a costly experience and as such you could look to make a compensation claim

·         Loss of income and earnings – you may be left out of work or unable to work as a result of your injuries and as such you may consider a compensation claim.