Compensation for negligence during a blood test

Often when you are trying to determine a medical illness or injury, one of the most important things you will generally do is try and run a series of initial tests to identify what the problem might be. One of the most common tests that you will usually perform is a blood test and in many ways this can help to identify any viruses, illnesses or other potential problems that you may have and therefore put you back on the path to recovery.

Unfortunately from time to time negligence does occur during a blood test, and unfortunately this can lead to a mis-diagnosis and potential health issues occurring for you as a result. If you do find yourself in this position then you could look to make a compensation claim to recoup any financial damages that you have sustained.

What types of negligence can occur during a blood test?

There are a number of errors that can occur during a blood test which can be potentially dangerous to your health. These errors include:

·         The use of unhygienic needles during a blood test

·         Mistakes which are made during a blood test

·         Errors which involve the mix-up of blood samples

·         Errors in the diagnosis of a blood test

·         Mistakes made by a member of the medical staff.

Who might be responsible in this situation?

If you do find yourself the victim of negligence in this situation then you could look to claim against anyone who’s directly at fault for your injuries. This could include any medical professionals who have dealt directly with your blood test, in addition the person actually taking the blood test or the person who is responsible for examining the test and producing the results.

Am I able to work closely with the Medical Compensation 4U team on this case?

If you are considering a claim for compensation then taking on board the help of industry experts can really help you throughout the process. Working closely with you the team at Medical Compensation 4U will aim to retrieve every penny that you are entitled to.

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