Compensation for nerve damage after wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are something that everyone has to deal with, and no matter what your personal circumstances and situation is, you are born with wisdom teeth and as such, if they don’t develop properly then chances are that you will require some type of surgery on them. In general, wisdom teeth will come through ok, but unfortunately for some people this is not the case and as such a surgical procedure may be required to rectify this situation.

Although wisdom teeth removal is quite a common surgical procedure, it’s certainly not without risk and as such potential errors can be made. If you find yourself the victim of an injury in this situation then you could look to make a compensation claim to cover any potential costs that you have incurred.

What are some examples of situations where this could happen?

There are a number of potential hazards which can occur during wisdom teeth removal, and some of these include:

·         Errors made during wisdom teeth surgery

·         Errors made during anaesthetic

·         Errors which involve cutting a nerve after surgery

·         Errors which involve a mis-diagnosis

·         Errors where scans and x-rays have been read incorrectly.

Who might have been at fault over my injury?

Any mistakes and errors which have been made during wisdom tooth surgery will usually be the fault of the surgeon who is in charge of this operation and could have been caused by the direct negligence on their behalf. If you do find that this is the situation then this is who you could potentially look to make a compensation claim against.

Can I work with the team at Medical Compensation 4U on this claim?

If you are looking to work on a compensation claim then the team at Medical Compensation 4U can work with you throughout your claim every step of the way. Working closely together with you, we can help to ensure that you receive every penny of compensation that you are entitled to – and that it’s put straight into your pocket.

To find out more about how this can work for you, contact the Medical Compensation 4U team today!