Making a medical negligence claim is a daunting experience, which is why we are here to help with any questions you may have relating to the process.

Some of the most common questions we are asked are:

Why should I choose Medical Compensation 4U?

You have probably seen a lot of general claims companies advertised, but probably not many specialists. Your accident isn’t like a Road Traffic Accident, and that’s why you need the best help. At Medical Compensation 4U, we help 1000s of people every month get the answers they need and the compensation they deserve, because we know the process inside out. It’s all we do. Our award winning specialist medical lawyers have fought many medical negligence cases, and have done so successfully, recovering millions of pounds in compensation for people like you. We know making a claim can be daunting, especially where medical errors have occurred, and that’s why we ensure that we are approachable, easy to talk to people, here to listen to you, and give you an answer quickly as to whether you have a claim. That’s what we are all about.

What will this cost me?

Medical Compensation 4U and our legal team always work on a no win no fee basis. You have probably heard that phrase a lot, but it basically means exactly what it says. If we do not win your case, you will not have to pay a single penny. It is as simple as that. We have no hidden costs, there are no surprises at the end of the case: we can openly and honestly say that if we take on your case, investigate it fully for you, and determine that we can no longer proceed on the evidence we have, you can walk away, hopefully with some answers, but no costs to you at all. Guaranteed. Even if we took your case all the way to trial, and lost, which rarely ever happens, you would still walk away with no legal fees. Its our guarantee to you.

How much could I get?

If your claim is unsuccessful, it will not have cost you anything. However, if your claim is successful, you will be entitled to and receive compensation. How much? The honest answer is that it’s very hard to say. Unlike a Road Traffic Accident, where you may have seen body calculators and various sums mentioned on websites, your situation is not just a case of having of a sore neck for a few weeks. The compensation you receive depends on the length of time you suffered for, and of course the impact that the error has had on your life. Sometimes you can get over the error quickly, but often there can be long term implications, and that will need to be compensated for. That’s why you need a specialist medical lawyer to fully investigate every part of the case; to fight your corner to ensure you not only get the answers and the admission that you deserve, but are properly and fully compensated as well. We guarantee to get you every penny you deserve.

Is it right to sue the NHS?

Much of the care provided by the NHS is good, but some is not. You can’t rely on a hospital or a negligent doctor who has made a grave mistake to hold their hands up to the error. As you probably know from recent headlines, you now cannot automatically rely on the hospital to make changes to ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen again. You can’t even rely on the government regulator, who has also been found to have been covering up the cover ups! How can you trust these institutions to tell the truth, when they have a recent track record of telling lies? Our Medical Lawyers can act as independent regulators, holding the negligent doctors and hospitals accountable. You can rely on us to take on the big institutions and get the answers and results you deserve. By having us investigating your case, you could help stop the same type of medical accident that happened to you or a loved one, happening again to somebody else. It is your right to sue when things go wrong.

Will a claim affect ongoing treatment?

Usually if you have suffered from a medical error, that error will mean further treatment, and many of our clients will still be having treatment when they approach us to start their claim. Don’t worry. If you are in this position, then the rules are very clear, and very simple. There is an obligation for all doctors to continue to treat all patients professionally, regardless of any complaints or claims that are made. The hospital or doctor cannot refuse to treat you in the future, or refuse you on-going treatment if you still want to stay with the doctor. In our experience, most doctors will be ok with us getting a second opinion. In fact care often improves as a result. We help 1000s of people every month who suspect they have suffered a medical accident, and we have never had a hospital or doctor refuse to treat them because they started a claim with us. Its not something that should worry you.

Should I wait for a response to an existing complaint?

If you have made a complaint, there is still nothing stopping you from making a claim. The claims process does not affect your complaint, and the hospital or doctors still have to respond. However, in our experience, rarely do you get a satisfactory response from a complaint. Most of the time, after a long drawn out process of chasing and getting standard responses, you don’t get any answers or admissions. Making a claim and getting our lawyers involved is usually the only way to get noticed, and to get someone to even acknowledge that an error may have occurred. We always recommend that while making a complaint can get the ball rolling, having a specialist lawyer look over the case to see whether negligence has occurred, is the quickest and easiest way to start getting answers, and also to ensure that if compensation and reimbursement of expenses is due, you get back everything you deserve without excuses or being continually fobbed off.

How do I start my claim?

The process of you starting your claim with Medical Compensation 4 U could not be simpler. The process is quick and easy, and your case will be properly considered by our award winning lawyers, and you will get an answer quickly as to whether or not you have a claim. All you need to do is get in touch. You can contact us by our local rate telephone number at the top of the page, or via live chat at the bottom. You can also click “make a claim” and provide some brief details, and we will call you back. All our lines are open 24/7, and everything is confidential of course. Because medical law is all we do, we know to ask the right questions, so that our senior specialist medical lawyers can thoroughly, but quickly, assess whether you have a case. Our paperwork is very straight forward, and we usually send an agent out with the forms to save you the hassle of postage, and to explain the forms and answer any questions. We can also email the documents out as well for you to sign and return, and are always available 24/7 if you have any questions. The process could not be simpler.

What is the process for making a claim?

Once our legal team are dealing with your claim, the process really is hassle free. We will obtain your medical records to check what has happened to you and what impact the negligence has had on you, and what can be done to set things right. We then get the opinion of an independent specialist doctor, who will write us a report on your case. We then use that as evidence to fight the case for you, and push to get you an admission from whoever is responsible for the error, as well as reimbursement of any losses you have, any care or future treatment you need, and any compensation you deserve. We do the work, and we do it well. Our legal team are highly trained specialists, but we are not stuffy stereotypical lawyers. We are real people, who are friendly, easy to talk to, easy to get hold of, and will keep you advised at all times as to whats happening.