Medical Negligence claims against an unqualified Dental Assistant

Avoiding the dentists is a hobby for many people, and some patients will only go when they have no other choice. With fully trained professionals located across the country, no one expects to be the victim of medical negligence during their visit and treatment. There are cases where this does happen and sometimes because an unqualified assistant is not ready to be working with patients. This can cause you injury and seriously affect your life.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence because of an unqualified dental assistant then you should seek advice straight away. Not only will this ensure other people do not suffer as you have, but if there has been an impact on your life and health, you may be entitled to compensation.

What is medical negligence because of an unqualified dental assistant?

While medical negligence because of unqualified dental assistants is rare, it can happen – most commonly in dental surgeries and hospitals. Knowing what is considered to be negligence will help you decide if you should claim and what service to use in those situations. Medical negligence can include:

  • Unqualified professional performing treatment
  • Unclean equipment used during treatment
  • Improper records kept
  • Unnecessary pain caused to the patient
  • Wrong treatment being performed

Who is at fault in these situations?

Your claim would be directed at the unqualified dental assistant who was responsible for the medical negligence of your treatment and care. To ensure your claim has the greatest chance of success, you should look for the best legal service that can offer a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise to work on your claim until it has finished. To be successful in a medical negligence claim, you need to be able to prove, in a court of law, that the individual’s negligence is directly responsible for your situation and that it has, and will, impact your life.

What might a successful claim cover?

  • Pain and suffering – Many people seek out dental treatments only when they have to, and coming away in more pain is an awful result from any treatment. A successful claim can compensate you for this and help you recover.
  •  Loss of earnings – If you have been forced to work in a reduced capacity – or you’ve not been able to work at all – then a successful medical negligence claim can help you recover the losses suffered due to someone else.
  •  Medical fees – Paying for treatment because of neglect makes the situation worse, especially if you wouldn’t have needed that treatment beforehand. A successful claim can help you with these costs  for the duration of your treatment.