Medical Negligence claims against an unqualified Pharmacist

Pharmacies provide a valuable and much needed service for everyone – they can provide medication for a range of issues that might not be serious enough to see a doctor or GP, but they can also provide prescription medication when required by professionals. All pharmacists should be fully qualified before they can provide these services and if they are not, you could be the victim of medical negligence.

If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence because of an unqualified pharmacist, it is important to seek advice immediately. Not only will this address the issue and prevent other people suffering in the same way you have, but you could be awarded compensation as a result of the ordeal.

What are examples of medical negligence claims against unqualified pharmacists?

Medical negligence claims against unqualified pharmacists can happen in any pharmacy, and it is important to know what could be considered negligence before making any claim. This will give you a clearer idea of how to proceed and which service can best support you. Examples of medical negligence in this scenario could be:

  • Incorrect instructions on the use of medication
  • Supplying the wrong medication
  • Mixing up prescriptions
  • Providing damaged or faulty medication
  • Advice and medication provided by untrained pharmacists

Who is at fault in these claims?

In most cases, the claim would be made against the individual responsible for the neglect you suffered – in this case, an unqualified pharmacist. To be successful in any claim, you have to prove, sometimes in a court of law, that the individual was directly responsible for the neglect and that you have suffered as a result of their actions. This can be difficult to do but with the right legal support working with you, the chance of success for your claim will increase drastically. Choosing the right service is important to ensure you have the right skills, support and expertise available to you throughout your medical negligence claim.

What could a claim cover?

  • Medical fees – The cost of treatment can be high, and this is worse if you are paying for treatments to resolve an issue due to neglect. A successful claim can help recover these costs.
  • Loss of earnings – If you are unable to work, or forced to work in a reduced capacity, due to medical neglect, you may be awarded compensation to reflect the losses you have suffered.
  • Pain and suffering – This is one of the biggest problems from any act of neglect, and a successful claim can help resolve the issue and allow you to start recovering fully.